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Terminalling and Storage

Terminalling and storage facilities complement the crude oil pipeline gathering and transportation systems. Terminals are tank farms where crude oil is temporarily stored to facilitate movements to other transportation systems, such as pipelines, rail cars or refineries. Terminals play a key role in moving crude oil to end-users by providing important services to enable the efficient movement of crude oil.

Blueknight Energy Partners owns and operates approximately 7.6 million barrels of above-ground crude oil storage in the Mid-Continent region of the United States. These assets provide our customers the ability to effectively manage their crude oil inventories and add significant flexibility to their marketing and operating activities. Our crude oil terminals and storage assets receive crude oil products from pipelines and distribute them to interstate common carrier pipelines, regional independent refiners and other third parties.

Cushing Terminal

Of our storage capacity, approximately 6.6 million barrels are located within the Cushing Interchange, one of the largest crude oil marketing hubs in the nation and the designated delivery point specified in all NYMEX crude oil futures contracts. Blueknight Energy Partners is one of the largest operators within the Cushing Interchange, with a significant percentage of the total storage capacity there. We have access and connectivity to all the terminals located at Cushing, providing us the ability to deliver to virtually any customer within the Interchange. We can deliver up to 8 million barrels per month at Cushing.